Keeping Camera Gear Dry Out On the Water

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Sep 8, 2010
Keeping Camera Gear Dry Out On the Water

Do you like to get out onto the water, whether it's on a river, a lake, or the ocean? As a photographer, you'll certainly want to go equipped with a camera to capture the action and record the beautiful sights. But how do you protect your equipment with all that water waiting to gobble up your precious kit? That's a question one Pentaxian recently posed to other Forum members, and the answers are informative.

If you're heading out in a boat, drop by the discussion taking place in "Options while kayaking?" to read how experienced photographer-boaters manage the quandary. Even if the kind of boating you do is something other than kayaking, you'll find useful information. And if you have tips to pass on, please do. That's what PentaxForums is all about!

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