Pentax Announces 25mm F4 Lens for 645D

SMC Pentax-D FA 645 25mm F4 AL [IF] SDM AW

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Feb 7, 2011
Pentax Announces 25mm F4 Lens for 645D

In a press release today Pentax announced a new addition to the 645D lens lineup: the SMC-Pentax D FA 645 25mm F4 AL [IF] SDM AW.  This ultra-wide-angle lens offers roughly the same field-of-view as a 15mm lens would on a Pentax APS-C DSLR.  Likewise, its field-of-view is rougly equivalent to that of the 33-55mm zoom (at the 33mm position) when used on a Pentax film 645 body.

This lens will be priced at $4999 (ouch!) and is expected to ship in April of this year.  It features 11 weather seals as well as quiet SDM autofocus with quick-shift, and will even cover the full image circle if mounted on a 645 film body.

This lens has now been added to our lens database.  Technical details will be posted shortly!

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