Pentax K-5 topples others in sensor scores

The K-5 holds its ground against full-frame SLRs and beats the K-r by 10 points!

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Nov 5, 2010
Pentax K-5 topples others in sensor scores

DxOMark today has rated the Pentax K-5's sensor, following their rating of the K-r just last week.  Overall, it got a score of 82- this is the same score that the 645D received, and is 10 points higher than that of the new K-r.  Furthermore, this overall score is above many competing full-frame and most competing APS-C bodies out there!

The K-5 fared particularly well in the dynamic range sub-scores, which means that it sensor handles high-contrast light and dark areas very well!  Full-frame bodies do better than it in the high-ISO sub-score, but this goes without saying.  For it's price, however, the K-5 is sweeping everybody else away!  This is certainly a very pleasant surprise.

More details on the actual scores can be found in the discussion thread linked below; screenshot by DxOMark labs.

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