Limited Edition Ricoh GR Announced

A special version of Ricoh's pocketable APS-C compact

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Oct 21, 2013

Pentax has just announced a Limited Edition Ricoh GR kit featuring a special lens hood (GH-3), leather case, and leather strap.  The Limited Edition GR's magnesium-alloy body is sheathed in a metallic vintage green finish with a glossy shine.  It has a marbleized ebony grip pattened in burl wood and is accented with charcoal buttons.

In the US, this special GR kit will be available in limited quantity exclusively through the Pentax Web Store located at  It carries a $100 price premium over the standard GR and will therefore retail for $899.  It is expected to arrive in November.

The Ricoh GR is arguably of the most-praised cameras currently in the Pentax-Ricoh digital lineup.  To learn more about this truly-pocketable APS-C compact, check our our in-depth Ricoh GR review.  With its 16-megapixel filterless sensor, 18mm F2.8 lens, and small size, we find the GR to be a fantastic camera for street photography!

While the Limited Edition GR looks good from the front, we aren't convinced that users will appreciate its overall appearance as much as that of the gray standard edition, especially from the back.

Click on any thumbnail below for larger product photos of the Limited Edition Ricoh GR.

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