Official Pentax Web Sites Renamed and are no more

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Aug 11, 2013
Official Pentax Web Sites Renamed

Pentax Ricoh Imaging, the company responsible for the design and development of Pentax cameras, has recently beed officially renamed to just "Ricoh Imaging".  This name change, which went into effect on August 1st, seems to also have affected the branding of all the official Pentax web sites., the official Japanese Pentax site, has been moved to  The Pentax name has also been removed from the site's header. Although the new homepage has gotten a minor facelift, most of the site content remains unchanged, and everything continues to be available in both Japanese and English as before., the official US Pentax site, has been moved to  The header has been redesigned to look just like the one of the Japanese site.  Similarly,, the official Canadian Pentax site, has been moved to

While the domains of,, and remain unchanged for the time-being, these sites have also been re-branded.

With these changes, it seems that we won't be seing the "Pentax" very often outside of product references.  This comes somewhat as a surprise to us, as "Pentax" is a without a doubt a much stronger name in the camera industry than "Ricoh".  Will this move confuse consumers further? Our web site will of course not be renamed to as a result of this news.

Fortunately, Ricoh Imaging representatives have assured users that Pentax cameras will continue to be produced, and that the Pentax name will certainly not be disappearing from existing product lines.

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The official Pentax (now Ricoh Imaging) sites linked above continue to provide news updates, firmware downloads, and support information.  Our homepage news coverage includes most of this information.

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