Pentax 100th Celebration: Instagram Photo Contest

Official event in July-September with prizes each month

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jun 30, 2019
Pentax 100th Celebration: Instagram Photo Contest

As part of its celebration of 100 years of Pentax (or, more specifically, 100th anniversary of Asahi Optical Company from which Pentax was born), Ricoh Imaging has announced an official Pentax-themed photo contest on Instagram.

The contest will last for three months (from June through September), and there will be a different theme each month.  After the contest ends, 3 prize winners will be selected for each theme, with 2 additional awards recognizing the most exceptional images overall. Prizes will consist of various goods related to the Pentax anniversary event.

Click here to view the July photo contest gallery

Entering is simple: make an Instagram post with a single photo and the 3 hashtags #pentax100contest (for all months), #pentaxany100 (the theme-specific hashtag for June, subject to change in future months), and #pentax{your camera model}.  You may enter more than once, but each post must only contain a single photo.

Ricoh is requesting that all winners provide the original image files, so be sure to keep them handy.  Entries are limited to Pentax cameras only, film or digital.

We encourage forum members to also share their photo submissions on the forum or on the Pentax Forums Facebook page, or use the hashtag #pentaxforums.

Full details are available on the official contest website.

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