Pentax 645D Wins Third Award

EISA Professional Camera of the Year

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Aug 16, 2011
Pentax 645D Wins Third Award

The medium-format Pentax 645D has just been named European Professional Camera 2011-2012 by the European Imaging and Sound Associaction (EISA)!

At the award ceremony, the EISA noted: “With the introduction of the PENTAX 645D, the medium-format market has gained a much anticipated and highly competitive member that offers exceptional image-quality and handling. The 645D is a joy to use in the field, and although it is big and somewhat heavy, its ergonomic grip, large viewfinder, fast and accurate autofocus, and well-made controls make it perfectly usable without a tripod. With its 33x44mm, 40-million-pixel, Kodak CCD-sensor it is a landscape photographer’s dream, creating absolutely stunningly sharp and detailed pictures with very attractive colors and a huge dynamic range. As a serious photographer’s tool, the PENTAX 645D is second to none.”

This is the third major award the 645D has won this year (in addition to "Best DSLR Professional" by TIPA and "Grand Prix Camera of the Year" by CJPC).

Stay tuned to our homepage, as in the coming months, we will be bringing you an in-depth review of the 645D and comparing it with a full-frame 35mm DSLR!

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