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A letter from the president of Pentax in Europe

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Oct 20, 2011

Last month, we joined forces with the spanish Pentax community Pentaxeros and wrote a letter to Pentax proposing that Pentax should expand the K-mount DSLR system by introducing a full-frame DSLR.  We also listed several reasons why doing so would be a good idea (below is a brief summary):

  1. We believe that if Pentax were able to deliver a complete full-frame system, many more Pentax users would remain loyal to the brand.
  2. The gap between the 645D and the K-5 is too large, and resolution isn't everything.
  3. Having a complete DSLR lineup will bring more respect to the brand and attract the attention of new potential customers.
  4. Modern high-resolution APS-C sensors may soon start out-resolving most of the current lenses on the market and becoming subject to diffraction.
  5. Considering the success of the K-5, future APS-C bodies, won't give current users as much of an incentive to upgrade as a full-frame body would.
  6. Thousands of Pentax users has been awaiting a full-frame for years. If Pentax were to produce such a camera, not only would these users be satisfied, but sales would be through the roof. Futhermore, there are many users with older Pentax bodies (*ist, K10D, K20D) who aren't upgrading to the current models simply because they're not enough of a leap forward.
  7. Pentax users need to be able to continue trusting in the brand and know that the DSLR division is moving forward.
  8. Pentax currently has a number of available-full-frame lenses (FA Limiteds) and has produced a complete autofocus film lens lineup in the past. This means that a modern full-frame lineup will not have to be developed from scratch.
  9. Even users who have invested extensively in the Pentax DA (APS-C) lens lineup could consider upgrading to the full-frame body if it were to support APS-C format lenses (as Nikon DSLRs do).
  10. A number of Pentax users who shoot professionally are use two brands in order to gain access to a full-frame body. If Pentax were to bring a full-frame DSLR, those users would invest more in Pentax products instead.
  11. The Pentax system is unique in that it allows users to take advantage of thousands of legacy K-mount and M42 mount lenses. A full-frame body would continue to be compatible with these lenses, and users would be able to take full advantage of their fields of view.

Below is the reply from Andre Dierickx, President and Managing Director of Pentax in Europe.

Pentax full frame statement

Although for the time-being all we can do is hope that Pentax have taken our suggestions to heart, we trust that the K-mount system will continue to evolve and introduce innovative features not only for the Advanced Amateur but also the professional DSLR market.

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