Pentax Japan Offers Camera Customization Service

For GR, K-50, and Q7 cameras in Japan only

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jul 28, 2013

On July 23rd Pentax Japan announced a cosmetic customization service for owners of the Ricoh GR, Pentax K-50, and Pentax Q7 cameras in Japan.  Customizations will be performed in limited quantity and are already available; if you are interested in getting a customization, it is enough to mail your camera to the Japanese service center, or drop it off personally.  All customizations carry a small fee (the equivalent of approximately $20-$120 USD per modification).

Ricoh GR

If you own a GR, Pentax will be able to replace your camera's top plate, add one of three fine wood grips, change the color of the shutter release button to red or silver, or change the finish around the front of the lens.  In addition to these costmetic changes, the weight of the shutter button can also be adjusted.

Fine Wood Grip

Pentax Q7 and K-50

A total of ten grip customizations are available for both the mirrorless Q7 and the K-50 DSLR.

Pentax Q7 Custom Grips

Available customizations depend on your camera's body color.

Pentax K-50 Custom Grips

Note that grip replacements are also currently being offered for the older Q10, K-r, K-x, and K-m cameras.  Available colors vary by camera, and more details are available on (in Japanese only).

Pentax eBooks

While the Ricoh GR is only produced in a single color (dark gray), the Q7 and K-50 are can both be purchased in one of 120 different color combinations.  In the US, only three color combinations are regularly stocked for each of the two cameras.  The remaining 117 custom color options are typically delivered in 4-6 weeks from the time your order is placed.

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