Pentax K-3 II Service Advisory

Fix available for on/off switch issue

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Jul 10, 2015
Pentax K-3 II Service Advisory

In our early testing of one of several Pentax K-3 II bodies, we discovered an issue that resulted in an unresponsive on/off switch regardless of camera settings. Consistent freezing when accessing the GPS menu also occurred.  We quickly alerted Ricoh Imaging in Japan of the issue and received acknowledgement that it was being investigated.  In the mean time, dozens of users on the forum have reported having the same experience and returned or exchanged their K-3 II's as a result.

Today, Ricoh announced that service centers worldwide are now able to correct the issue and only K-3 II bodies with a serial number under 6206660 (see exceptions below) are affected.  Free servicing and inspections are being offered to owners of K-3 II bodies within the affected serial number range.

This suggests that the erratic behavior of affected units is tied to a hardware problem and cannot be resolved via a firmware update.  Note that this problem is specific to the Pentax K-3 II and does not affect the K-3 or any other Pentax DSLR body.  Similarly, new K-3 II units that roll off the assembly line will not be affected.

Learn more about the Pentax K-3 II in our first hands-on tests and the official announcement.

US Press Release

July 09, 2015
PENTAX K-3 II Digital SLR Camera ‘Power-Off’ Notice

DENVER, CO, July 9, 2015 – At Ricoh, we are dedicated to delivering superior technology, quality products and unyielding customer service. Continuing this commitment, we are contacting PENTAX K-3 II camera owners, as we’ve learned that in some situations the camera will not turn off, even after the power lever is moved to the OFF position. This anomaly is limited to cameras with a serial number below #6206660.

Customers with K-3 II camera serial numbers lower than #6206660* requiring support should call   1-800-234-0276 to have the camera inspected and serviced free of charge, even if the product appears to be functioning properly.

We greatly appreciate our customers’ patience as we are committed to making it a seamless process and providing the highest level of service and support.

*Excluded Serial Numbers:
K-3 II Products with the following serial numbers are not subject to this service:

  • 6199671
  • 6187961-6188110
  • 6192376-6192380
  • 6192386-6192390
  • 6192436-6192440
  • 6196362-6196369
  • 6196661-6196960
  • 6197748-6197750
  • 6197768-6197770
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The clips below illustrate the issue.

Unresponsive on/off switch:

GPS freeze:

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