Pentax K-50 Eye-Fi Bundle

Ricoh Americas adds wireless connectivity to the K-50

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Oct 16, 2014
Pentax K-50 Eye-Fi Bundle

Ricoh Imaging Americas has just announced a new Pentax K-50 bundle consisting of the camera body, a DA L 18-55mm WR lens, and an Eye-Fi Mobi wireless SD card.  The latter will allow users to wirelessly view and download photos via a smartphone.  This kit will be available at retailers nationwide for $499.95 later this month with black, red, and white color options.  We currently do not know know the capacity (8Gb, 16Gb, or 32Gb) of the Eye-Fi card.

The Eye-Fi card is essentially a freebie in this new kit, as the current retail price of the K-50 with a lens is also $499.95.  If you don't want to wait for this bundle, head over to Adorama and grab a Pentax K-50 kit with a free flash and $50 gift card and 4% reward, then apply the rewards and gift card toward the purchase of an Eye-Fi card, making it almost free (plus you get a flash). Other bundles with various other free accessories are available as well, and we've summarized them in a recent post in the deals category.

Regardless, both the new Eye-Fi bundle as well as the existing bundles are a fantastic value for those looking to upgrade to a modern Pentax body. They're also great holiday gift ideas if you'd like to introduce a friend or relative to the wonderful world of photography.

The Pentax K-50 is a weather-sealed upper-entry-level DSLR with a host of advanced features that make it unique in its class, such as an optical viewfinder with 100% coverage.  Learn more about it in our in-depth Pentax K-50 review.

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US Press Release

Denver, Colorado October 16, 2014  

RICOH IMAGING AMERICAS CORPORATION announces the launch of the PENTAX K-50 Eyefi Bundle. By adding the Eyefi Mobi SD card users can transfer pictures and videos to a smartphone or other mobile device right when taken making them instantly available to view and share.

The K-50 camera, a mid-level DSLR, has become a staple of the PENTAX brand as well as a long-standing favorite among consumers. With its 81 weather seals, the K-50 incorporates PENTAX’s trusted heritage of weather resistant products that can extend shooting environments from wet and rainy to snowy conditions. This remarkable camera features high-speed, continuous shooting at approximately 6 frames per second, super high sensitivity at ISO settings up to 51200, and high precision SAFOX IXi+ autofocus with accurate subject tracking even in low light situations. In addition, the K-50 is equipped with a 100% field of view viewfinder, innovative shake reduction, and a fast shutter with the ability to shoot at up to speeds of 1/6000 of a second. 

The EyeFi card, now included with the PENTAX K-50 camera just in time for the holidays, works like a regular SDHC memory card with the added benefit of  built-in WiFi that links your K-50 camera to a smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC. Focus on taking a picture of the perfect sunset then the Eyefi card automatically transfers it to a mobile device or cloud service of one’s choice, and the photos or video will appear instantly.

The Eyefi card has many advantageous features including state of the art memory with storage of up to 2,000 photos or 90 minutes of video, powerful ARM CPU activating WiFi only when there are new pictures to transfer, built-in WiFi that operates whenever you are taking pictures, and on-camera menu support for card functions making it easy to use.

Pricing and Availability

The K-50 with 18-55 mm lens and Eyefi card will be available at retailers nationwide in October 2014 for a suggested retail price of $499.95

Offer available in standard colors only: black, white, and red,

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