Pentax K-500 Discontinued

The K-50 now fully occupies the entry-level spot

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Oct 16, 2014
Pentax K-500 Discontinued

It's time for us to say farewell to the Pentax K-500, the super-affordable entry-level DSLR originally launched in the summer of 2013.  If you've recently browsed Amazon or the sites of any of the NYC-based Pentax retailers, you might have noticed that the K-500 was marked as discontinued just a few days ago.  We also saw no mention of the camera at Photokina 2014, which represented European markets.  Therefore, it's fairly safe to assume that the K-500 is leaving the Pentax lineup for good, as it was only sold as an export model to begin with.

Truth be told, this news comes as no surprise to us, and it makes perfect sense.  The US price of the Pentax K-50 has recently dipped below $400, which puts it in the same price class that the K-500 had previously occupied.  Considering the fact that the K-500 was simply a K-50 without a few secondary features (weather sealing, viewfinder AF points, electronic level), it's logical to have the K-50 replace it at the end of its product cycle.  Plus, the K-50 is easier to market, since it is available in various color options.  In fact, the white "stormtooper" K-50 kit is now being sold at Target stores (not just online) nationwide.

The final price of the K-500 kit prior to discontinuation was $379.95 at B&H Photo, a whole $220 lower than the already-attractive launch price of $599.95.  These numbers make the K-500 one of the most affordable DSLRs in Pentax's history.

Looking for a great alternative for an entry-level Pentax?  Consider the K-50 body (w/ free flash and $50 gift card) for $396 or K-50 18-55mm kit (w/ free flash, bag, and memory card) for $496 at Adorama.

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