Pentax KF Price Permanently Reduced

$150 price drop in the US and Canada

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Nov 3, 2023

Ricoh Imaging Americas has implemented a permanent $150 price drop on the Pentax KF, the entry-level DSLR offering that replaced the Pentax K-70 from November 2022. 

The updated pricing is $699 USD for the body only (down from $849), and $799 for the 18-55mm WR kit (down from $949).  In Canada, a similar price drop will take effect: the price of the body is dropping from $1099 CAD to $929 CAD.

According to our deal finder, the updated pricing is already reflected across major US merchants.

Despite its recent release, the Pentax KF is largely identical to the K-70.  Notable differences in the KF include a higher-resolution LCD screen, expanded firmware features (including all of Pentax's special custom image modes), and a USB-powered battery charger.  It is also believed that the KF resolves the infamous "aperture block" issue that affected some K-70 bodies.

The new pricing brings the KF much closer to the historical pricing of the K-70, and below the cost of many old stock offerings.  It will thus help maintain the KF as a compelling, affordable option within the Pentax lineup.  Flagship models such as the Pentax K-3 III retail for approximately $1000 more.

For more details on the KF, please refer to the press release or our K-70 review.  We plan to release a hands-on review of the KF in the near future, alongside a supplement to the existing K-70 eBook.

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