Pentax Lens Roadmap for 2012-2013

See what K-mount/DSLR lenses are coming up!

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Feb 2, 2012

Silently alongside the Pentax K-01 announcement, Pentax USA has revealed the Pentax 2012-2013 lens roadmap, meaning we know what to expect this year as far as new DSLR lenses go!

The roadmap, which you can download here, lists 7 new lenses planned for the next two years or so.

  • DA 50mm replacement for the FA 50mm
  • DA ~20-200mm walkaround zoom
  • DA 550mm non-star telephoto prime
  • DA limited short zoom (~20-40mm)
  • DA wide zoom (~10-25mm)
  • DA* zoom (~20-80mm F2.8)
  • DA telephoto zoom (~100-300mm)
  • DA 1.4x SDM teleconverter

The most exciting addition for many will be the 1.4x teleconverter; likewise, it seems that a telephoto gap will be filled by these lenses, and that there will be more high-end and budget lens options as well.

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