New Pentax Products to be Shown at CP+

4 Referential Exhibitions at the largest photo show in Japan

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Feb 6, 2014
New Pentax Products to be Shown at CP+

From February 13 through 16 the annual CP+ Photo Imaging Trade Show will take place in Japan. PentaxForums will have staff on site and we will report on Pentax-related news, which you'll be able to read about on our homepage.  We will also be interviewing Pentax representatives at the show, and videos will be uploaded to our Youtube channel.

Based on today's press release from Pentax, we already know some details about what we can expect at the show.  Prototypes of the products listed below will be shown as a "referential exhibition" and will be officially announced later this year.

  1. A new 645D medium format camera with a CMOS sensor and a tilting LCD monitor, two features that hint at this new camera being equipped with live view. The new 645D will also have a faster processor than its predecessor. This new camera should become available in the Spring of 2014.
  2. An ultra-wide angle zoom lens for the 645D
  3. A telephoto macro lens for the Q-System
  4. A film copier accessory for DSLR cameras allowing for convenient copying of 35mm as well as medium format (120/220) film

In addition to these new items, the new WG-4/WG-20 waterproof compact cameras and the HD Pentax-DA 1.4x Rear Converter will be on display for the public to try.

We find it exciting and very promising for the future of Pentax that a new 645D camera is being introduced. It is also nice to see that another quality lens is being introduced for the Q-System. Clearly Ricoh is investing in the Pentax brand.

Read on for more product photos.

 645D 2014 (tentative name - front)

The Q-mount telephoto macro

The film copier

The 645 mystery zoom. Looks to be HD coated and have in-lens shake reduction

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