Photos of new Pentax Lenses Revealed

K-mount, Q-mount, and 645 mount, to be shown at CP+

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Feb 8, 2012
Photos of new Pentax Lenses Revealed

Although most of the product names for the 7 Pentax lenses that were announced yesterday remain tentative, Pentax has already publicly revealed photos of all 7 of those lenses!

The following lenses are already listed in our Lens database:

and these lenses will likely see updates to their names:

  • Pentax Q Telephoto Zoom
  • Pentax Q Body Cap Lens
  • SMC Pentax-DA XS lens for K-01 (only)

Pentax K-01 Lens

Perhaps the most interesting thing we've learned tonight is that Pentax has plans to take full advantage of the Pentax K-01's mirrorless construction.  The new and unnamed SMC Pentax-DA XS lens, pictured above, will extend closer to the K-01's sensor than a normal K-mount lens would.  The rear lens elements will be located in the area which would otherwise be blocked by the mirror on a DSLR.  This introduces many new lens possibilities for the K-01 as well as future Pentax mirrorless cameras, also meaning that lenses can be made more compact!

Due to the curvature of the front element of this new lens, as well as its small size, we suspect it will be a very wide lens.  It should also be noted that the lens is similar in appearance to current DA limited lenses.

K-mount lenses

Pentax DA 560mm F5.6 lens

(click to enlarge)

Let's begin with the Pentax 560mm lens, pictured above.  This lens is clearly a welcome addition to the Pentax SLR lens lineup, though we find it to be larger than we had originally expected.  The finish makes it looks like a professional lens, while the tripod mount will facilitate better stability in the field.  In order for this lens to be successful, it will have to be priced significantly below the Sigma 500mm F4.5 lens, which is only half a stop faster (yet slightly shorter as well).

Pentax 50mm F1.8

The photo of the Pentax 50mm F1.8 confirms our original suspicion that it would feature the same lightweight construction and plastic mount as the 35mm F2.4, and it will likely take its place as the cheapest prime lens in the Pentax lineup.  This lens will likely be a great performer and a good starting point for beginners.  This also means that it is not a replacement for the FA 50mm F1.4.

Q-Mount lenses

The photos of the new Q-mount lenses also allow us to draw some interesting conclusion. 

First, let's take a look at the new Pentax K to Q mount adapter:

Pentax Q mount adapter

This adapter will let you use an K-mount lens on your Pentax Q.  Furthermore, it appears that it has its own aperture controls/shutter mechanism, meaning that DA-series lenses (those with no aperture ring of their own) will remain fully usable, and the aperture setting on the adapter will adjust the lens's aperture.

Pentax Q telephoto lensNext up is the Q Telephoto prime.  This lens will likely go from 80mm (equivalent) to well beyond that, though no official specifications have been revealed yet.

Pentax Q body cap lensFinally, we have the Pentax Q body cap lens, which is hardly a surprise considering the focus Pentax is placing on size.  Can you imagine how small this little piece of plastic must be?  This "lens" may turn the Pentax Q into the first commercial digital pinhole camera out there!

Pentax 645 Lens

The final lens that was revealed today is the D-FA 645 90mm lens for the Pentax 645D (it is also usable with 645 film cameras).  There are no surprises here- it will be a short telephoto lens equivalent to 60mm on an APS-C camera (when mounted on the 645D).  Its construction is just like that of the current 55mm D-FA 645 lens, and it will be weather-sealed.

Pentax 645 90mm F2.8 lens


  • SDM - Silent Drive Motor
  • AW - All-Weather (645 lenses)
  • ED - Extra-low Dispersion
  • [IF] - Internal Focus

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