Ricoh G800 Announced

A chemical-resistant compact for industrial use

By PF Staff in Pentax Announcements on Sep 11, 2014
Ricoh G800 Announced

Ricoh has just unveiled a rugged compact known as the G800, successor to the Ricoh G700 that was launched several years ago.  Unlike Ricoh Imaging's other recent products, the G800 isn't based on a Pentax camera and is instead a true Ricoh from the bottom up.  The G800 is designed for industry professionals who need to capture images securely and reliably in hazardous environments.  In addition to being waterproof and shockproof, it can withstand disinfectant chemicals and is thus also suitable for use in sterile areas.  Its interface is designed for comfortable use while wearing gloves.

Compared to its predecessor, which was equally durable, the G800 brings a higher sensor resolution, Full HD video support, and other specification enhancements.  For more details, visit the G800's entry in our camera database.

The G800 will only be available in select markets (mainly Japan).  It will be released on October 10th with a suggested retail price of 108,000 Yen, or approximately $1000 USD.

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