Yasutomo Mori is the new president of Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd.

Mori replaces Noboru Akahane, who launched The Pentax Film Project and the K-3III Monochrome

By cjfeola in Pentax Announcements on Oct 8, 2023

Yasutomo Mori took over Oct. 1 as the new president of Ricoh Imaging Co. Ltd., according to Ricoh, replacing Noboru Akahane.

Mori will relinquish his position as the Business Unit Corporate Planning Headquarters Operating Officer, but will continue his previous positions as the President of the Ricoh Industrial Solutions Business Unit and President of the Ricoh Elemex Co., Ltd.

Yasutomo Mori

Akahane took over Ricoh Imaging in 2012, took a break, then resumed the position in 2021. Since then the division has flourished to the point where the Ricoh Group’s annual report said that its 97 percent profit growth was in part driven by the “ongoing profitability of camera business.”

Noboru Akahane

In the July 2022 announcement of the Pentax Film Project Akahane explained the Ricoh Imaging strategy:

“In January 2022, we declared the rebirth of Ricoh Imaging. We affirmed that, starting with Japan, we would more carefully listen to the voices of our users through stronger digital online communications with users by submitting our products to crowdfunding websites and founding a PENTAX clubhouse. All of this was done with the goal of developing and marketing new products that can fully satisfy user needs. We have taken on exciting new challenges, some of which push beyond the boundaries of conventional wisdom. We also are selling new products which were only made possible by our unique technologies and craftsmanship, such as the worldwide marketing of special-edition, limited-quantity models.”

Since then Ricoh Imaging has shown progress on the Pentax Film Project, plus shipped a series of limited editions. The Ricoh GR III got a Diary Edition. The Pentax K-3 III was released in Jet Black.

And this year Pentax launched the K-3 III Monochrome to a press frenzy and repeated sellouts. Six months after launch it is still constantly on backorder, despite selling for $500 more than the K-3 III.

The $2,199 Pentax K-3 III Monochrome is the only monochrome sensor DSLR. The $6,195 Leica is a fixed-lens compact; the $9,195 Leica M11 Monochrom is a range-finder interchangeable lens camera.

And as Akahane’s tenure ended Pentax launched a special edition of that special edition with the K-3 III Monochrome Matte Black Edition.

Ricoh Imaging is a division of The Ricoh Group, which provides digital services, printing and image solutions in approximately 200 countries and regions around the world. Group consolidated sales for the fiscal year ending March 2023: 2,134.1 billion yen. The Ricoh Group says its mission is “Bringing Joy to Work.”




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