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Purchase date and location

By PF Staff in Third-Party Announcements on Jan 27, 2011

We've recently expanded the structure of our Pentax serial number database by adding dedicated fields for camera/lens purchase date and location.  This will more easily help identify production defects as they correspond to particular outlets or periods of time.  We've also made several minor cosmetic improvements to the database in an attempt to make it easier to browse. 

We hope you enjoy these changes, and request that you fill in the new fields for your current serials in the database.

Our serial number database is a custom-built system with the goal of documenting serial number trends, flagging defective items, and finding stolen items.  While it has a largely-public purpose, it can also be used by individuals to keep track of their serial numbers; anonymous serial uploading is supported for enhanced privacy.  Users can view all their serial numbers on a single page, as well as print them out. Currently, only genuine Pentax equipment may be listed in the database, although we do have plans of a third-party serial number database in the future.

As an added bonus for anyone that helps us expand the database, we're currently awarding one forum reputation point for every serial added to the database!

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