Two Flash Reviews

AF200FG and Metz-58 Reviewed

By PF Staff in Third-Party Announcements on Feb 6, 2011
Two Flash Reviews

Are you looking to buy a flash for your DSLR, but are having trouble deciding which to get?

Currently, the following flashes are the most popular options out there:

Today we are happy to be bringing you reviews of the AF200FG and the Metz 58 (compared to the Pentax AF540FGZ).  We hope our reviews will help you decide which flash is right for you!

Read the Pentax AF200FG Flash Review
Read the Metz-58 Flash Review

The AF200FG is a beginner flash that does not tilt or swivel, but significantly extends the range and coverage of the build-in flash, while the Metz 58 is an advanced flash loaded with just about every feature that can be packed into a flash.  We hope to be bringing you reviews of the remaining two flashes shortly!

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