Cactus Enhances Wireless Flash Capabilities for Pentax

New firmware enables wireless P-TTL, manual control & HSS of 3rd-Party flashes

By JonPB in Third-Party Announcements on Feb 16, 2018
Cactus Enhances Wireless Flash Capabilities for Pentax

The Cactus X-TTL system, which unifies control across different flash systems, recently added support for Pentax cameras and flashes. Pentax shooters can now enjoy wireless P-TTL when pairing Pentax flashes with Cactus triggers, and can also remotely adjust the power and zoom of other flash systems and trigger them without needing wires or an on-camera flash.

Features available to Pentax shooters using the Cactus V6 II transceiver include:

  • Wireless P-TTL support for Pentax system flashes and Cactus RF60 and RF60X flashes
  • Wireless manual power and zoom control with HSS/FP support of Pentax, Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Sigma and Cactus wireless flashes
  • Rear-curtain sync both on- and off-camera
  • Multi-master control of the same set up flashes by up to 20 different cameras
  • Independent control of up to four groups of flashes plus on-camera flash
  • Automatic flash power compensation for changes in aperture, shutter speed or ISO
  • Wireless camera shutter release with an additional cable

PentaxForum members have already reported their hands-on experiences with the X-TTL system in the Flashes, Lighting, and Studio forum. You can also learn more about flash photography in The Pentax Digital Camera Flash Lighting System, a practical guide written by our own Nigel McGregor.

The Cactus X-TTL system is rapidly maturing. Since announcing support for Pentax on November 7, 2017, Cactus has already added support for Micro Four Thirds system flashes. Visit the Cactus X-TTL page for an overview of the Cactus system and check their download page for the latest firmware updates.

The Cactus V6 II transceiver is available from B&H Photo.

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