Irix 30mm F1.4 Dragonfly Announced for Pentax

A high-performance wide-angle lens for full-frame

By PF Staff in Third-Party Announcements on Dec 4, 2021

It is always exciting when a third-party lens strengthens the Pentax K-mount lineup, and that's exactly what's happening today!  The new Irix 30mm F1.4 Dragonfly, originally announced in September, is available for pre-order as of late November and is expected to start shipping this month at a launch price of $675 USD.  It joins a lineup of no less than 4 other Irix lenses for Pentax.

Irix lenses offer high-performance optical designs with plenty of modern features such  as weather sealing and nano coating—no other third-party lenses for Pentax are weather sealed.  This particular 30mm is a wide-angle lens designed for full-frame such as the Pentax K-1, and offers automatic aperture with manual focus, similar to Pentax A-series lenses.  The lens will of course also work with APS-C bodies.

Head over to our lens database for the full specifications of the new Irix 30mm F1.4.  To learn more about how Irix lenses fare, see also our in-depth reviews:

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