Pentax Lens Prices Back To Normal

Pay full MSRP in the US

By PF Staff in Third-Party Announcements on Jun 20, 2012

Last week we were happy to observe that online Pentax lens prices fell to much more reasonable levels, but as of this morning, it seems that all B&H and Amazon prices are back to their ridiculous norms.  In other words, if you want a new Pentax lens from an authorized dealer in the US, you are once again forced to pay full MSRP.

Following the April Pentax lens price increase, new Pentax DA lens purchases by our forum members came to a virtual standstill, and third-party (Sigma, Tamron) and legacy lenses proved to be much more popular alternatives.

For a complete listing of Pentax lens prices, please take a look at the second column in this Pentax lens price table.

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