How to Check Your Lens for Decentering

A quick an easy decentering test

By beholder3 in Articles and Tips on Jul 20, 2017

When we invest our money in high-quality camera lenses, we expect them to be able to capture sharp, clear photos.  One of the production quality aspects of lenses is how well they are "centered"; a decentered lens can lead to inconsistent sharpness and should be exchanged or repaired.

This article describes a quick, easy, and reliable way to check for lens decentering all by yourself.

Travel Photography - Making the Most of Your Opportunity

Tips and suggestions to maximize your enjoyment and minimize stress

By babywriter in Articles and Tips on Jun 26, 2017

So, you’ve scheduled the trip. Travel plans are set, excitement is building, and of course you want to record it with your camera for posterity. But the more you think about it, the more stressful it gets. How do I prepare? What should I bring? And how can I end up with great photos when I’m done?

The good news: you don’t need to stress. Traveling with a camera can be both fun and meaningful, and you don’t need thousands of dollars of gear, or a handy-dandy six-step instruction course, to make that happen. A bit of preparation, and trusting your instincts, can result in some stellar photos. 

Behind the Scenes: Ultra-Wide Review Cover Photo

A behind the scenes look at this complex image

By Heie in Articles and Tips on Jun 7, 2017

Many of you may remember the below cover image from the 4-Lens Ultra Wide Angle Showdown between the Pentax DA 10-17, Sigma 8-16, Rokinon 8mm FE, and Rokinon 10mm, our most comprehensive lens comparison review to date:

Click on the image above, and all the following images, to view an enlargement.

Ever wonder how it was made? Well wonder no more, as this post goes into a detailed reflection on all the pieces to this puzzle!

First, I wanted to apologize for the delay - the review was published in June of 2016 but this article didn't get the same front page attention until June 2017. For those unaware, I'm active duty in the U.S. Army and quickly deployed after the review was published and never had an opportunity to write this article until my January 2017 return from the Middle East.

Image Composition: Converging Lines

Bringing it all Together with Converging Lines

By K David in Articles and Tips on May 10, 2017

In this ongoing series, we examine different photographic techniques, their use, and how to achieve them. This article looks at converging lines and discusses how to use them well, poorly, and to achieve different goals with your photography.

Image Composition Guide: Subject Isolation

Using Selective Focus to Define Subjects

By K David in Articles and Tips on May 5, 2017

In our ongoing series providing tutorials on photographic techniques, this article examines how to use your gear to achieve subject isolation. This article defines what it is, examines why it occurs, and presents creative examples that exhibit subject isolation in use.

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