Pentax MX Overview Video

Thorough overview video to help introduce new users to the Pentax MX

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Nov 7, 2023

The Pentax MX is one of the most notable cameras in history by having the largest pentaprism viewfinder (0.97x, 95%) of any Pentax 35mm film camera ever produced. This professional-grade workhorse camera was released in the mid-1970s and had a completely manual design in a world where automatic cameras were a thing but still in their infancy.

The MX was released with multiple compact lenses and an impressive accessories catalog. Since the camera is fully manual and fully mechanical, there are many MX cameras available on the second-hand market. Thus, this impressive camera comes highly recommended and is often sought after by the 35mm film enthusiast!

This PentaxTips video will help orientate new users of the MX and encourages other to start in the world of film photography!

Want to see more PentaxTips videos? See these links for a K-70 overview and a K-3 Mark III overview

Hope you enjoy!

The Pentax Cross-format Lens and Accessory Guide

Detailed ebook on adapting medium format, 35mm film, and digital lenses

By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Sep 6, 2023

Over the years, Pentax has supported—and continues to support—a variety of lens & camera formats.  Despite excellent backwards-compatibility and adaptability, the range of possible combinations and supporting accessories can make adapting confusing.

Today, we are happy to share forum member Murray O'Neill's comprehensive guide to using Pentax lenses across different formats.  This free 43-page PDF eBook covers everything from tiny microscope lens adapters to using super telephoto 6x7 lenses on modern DSLR cameras.  It supplements Murray's existing and equally detailed eBooks on Pentax bellows and macro & close-up accessories. Enjoy!

Download the Pentax Cross-format Lens & Accessory Compatibility Guide

See also our interactive lens compatibility checker a Pentax DSLR eBooks, which can help you master your camera, too!

Pentax KF Overview Video

Extensive overview videos to help introduce new users to the Pentax KF

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Aug 3, 2023

Camera overview videos are helpful guides that can help inform users new to a given camera. The incredible amount of features available in Pentax cameras can also surprise the most seasoned photographers. Learning these features for the first time, or even re-discovering their place in the menu dive, can spur excitement and creates ambition to go out and shoot! 

The PentaxTips video below extensively covers the Pentax KF features, buttons, and menu layouts:

Using vintage lenses with the Pentax KF

This overview video demonstrates how to use vintage lenses (K, M, M42) on the Pentax KF.

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Jul 4, 2023

Pentax has never changed its cameras' register distance. This means modern Pentax DSLRs can use the same lenses used on film era SLRs. This fact allows photographers to access an expansive vintage lens catelgoue going back to 1975! And with an inexpensive adapter, M42 screw mount lenses, dating back to 50's, may also be used on all modern Pentax cameras!

The second in a three part Pentax KF series, this PentaxTips video demonstrates how to configure your camera to use these vintage manual lenses:

iOS Image Sync with the Pentax KF

Overview video on how to connect your Pentax KF to an iOS Image Sync app

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Jun 20, 2023

The Pentax KF is an amazing camera, impressively feature rich, and the current entry-level APS-C format dSLR offering from Ricoh. This advanced camera is extremely capable and contains many features to improve your photography acquisition. To assist new photographers and pros alike, overview video tutorials are a great knowledge asset. Seeing the camera first hand provides a prospective and narrative useful for first time users and advanced users alike.

Therefore, PentaxTips will be presenting a short series of KF videos. First on how to connect via WiFi, then how to use vintage lenses, and finally culminating in a full overview tutorial video!

The first of the series, here we present the Pentax KF video demonstrating how to connect the camera to Image Sync on your iOS device: 

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