Frustrated With AA Batteries That Die Prematurely?

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By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Sep 19, 2010
Frustrated With AA Batteries That Die Prematurely?

Does your camera use AA batteries? Have you discovered that your camera doesn't operate for long on alkaline cells, and perhaps not at all with rechargeable AAs? This is a recurring topic with photographers, and a frustrating one at that. After all, didn't you choose your camera in part because of the wide availability of AA batteries? It seems a cheat when they don't work.

The reasons for this nagging problem are complex to some of us, but the answer is simple. Not all AA disposables and rechargeables are made alike.

Thanks to fellow Pentaxians who have taken the time to hash out which batteries work and which don't, you can now get in the loop on how to keep your camera charged. Just click on through and read "Battery for K-x (and other cameras that take AA's)."

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