Asahiflex IIA Overview Video

Extensive overview video to help introduce new users to the Asahiflex IIA

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Jul 31, 2022

I have a strong appreciation for camera overview videos. Tutorial videos have helped guide me along my photographic adventures immensely. To see the camera in action, exactly how it is used, allows me to become more familiar and comfortable with the gear enabling me to use the camera more effectively when I have it in my hands - especially for film photography!

The Asahiflex series are a M37 screwmount vintage great-grandfather to the Pentax brand we know today. Manufactured by the Asahi Optical Co. in the 1950s, that same company would go on to produce the M42 mount 'Asahi Pentax' that would bare the name of the brand for all cameras thereafter.

To use these unique cameras is a very manual process, and can cause the photo-taking process to slow down, requiring more thoughtful precision and where every shot counts. These more nostalgic challenges can spur excitement and lights the fire of creativity and the desire to go out and shoot!

The PentaxTips video below extensively covers the Asahiflex features, buttons, and knobs!

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