Exploring the K-5's Features: Part IV

A look at exposure bracketing and autofocus customization

By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Nov 6, 2010

7. The K-5's Exposure Bracketing Modes

We believe that the K-5's option of doing just two shots in exposure bracketing will be a useful feature for many. The K-5 allows for 2, 3 or 5 shots in exposure bracketing mode. As an example, if you just want to take a shot as metered and one a half stop under, you no longer have to bother with deleting the third shot. A real time saver. Like the K20D and K-7, the K-5 has one-push bracketing: You just trip the shutter once and all (2, 3 or 5) bracketed shots will be taken.

8. Redesigned Mode Button

The exposure mode button has grown! As a result of user feedback on the K-7, it's taller than that of its predecessor, and therefore easier to grip!

9. Redesigned Focus Mode Button

The focus mode selector has also been redesigned and is now easier to operate. Perhaps still not as easy as a sliding switch as found on the K-r, but in the interest of weather sealing Pentax has opted for a knob that turns rather than slides.

10. Auto Focus Customization

While on the topic of focus modes: Like on the K-r, the auto focus modes can now be customized:

AF.S (autofocus single) can be set to either focus priority (the shot cannot be taken until focus is achieved) or release priority (the shot will be taken when the shutter button is tripped whether or not proper focus has been achieved).

AF.C (continuous autofocus) can be set to focus priority where the frame rate may be reduced in the interest of keeping the object in focus during continuous shooting, and fps priority, where the camera will prioritize shooting speed over perfect focus.

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