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How to select, inspect, and test legacy equipment

By K David in Articles and Tips on Nov 24, 2014

This week will sure be a busy one for Pentaxians and their families, since Thanksgiving is followed by the Black Friday weekend— the biggest Pentax sales event in the US.   Once the weekend rolls around, be sure to stop by our Pentax Deals category for the latest in savings and rebates on Pentax gear. Even if you don't live in the US, you may be able to take advantage of the many fire sales and other savings.

Before we get too caught up with deals, though, we wanted to take a step back and bring you our latest guide, in which we take a look at legacy film cameras.

If you're passionate about photography, chances are that you've tried or even owned an all-manual film camera.  Many of our members enjoy collecting cameras or just pick up older Pentax bodies to experience what it's like to shoot with vintage Pentax glass.

It's still very easy to find legacy cameras on auction and classifieds sites as well as at second-hand stores, and many such cameras may seem like a fantastic value.  However, it's important that buyers use due diligence when shopping for legacy cameras, as defects, maintenance issues, and other quirks abound.  We've therefore prepared a guide on how to select, inspect, and test legacy cameras so that you're sure to be satisfied with your purchase.  Enjoy!

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