iOS Image Sync with the Pentax KF

Overview video on how to connect your Pentax KF to an iOS Image Sync app

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Jun 20, 2023
iOS Image Sync with the Pentax KF

The Pentax KF is an amazing camera, impressively feature rich, and the current entry-level APS-C format dSLR offering from Ricoh. This advanced camera is extremely capable and contains many features to improve your photography acquisition. To assist new photographers and pros alike, overview video tutorials are a great knowledge asset. Seeing the camera first hand provides a prospective and narrative useful for first time users and advanced users alike.

Therefore, PentaxTips will be presenting a short series of KF videos. First on how to connect via WiFi, then how to use vintage lenses, and finally culminating in a full overview tutorial video!

The first of the series, here we present the Pentax KF video demonstrating how to connect the camera to Image Sync on your iOS device: 

We will see you again in the coming weeks for the next Pentax KF videos!

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