K-3 Mark III Overview Video

Extensive overview video to help introduce new users to the K-3 Mark III

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Jan 25, 2022

Camera overview videos have helped me immensely in my photographic learning adventures. To see the camera in action, from a first person point-of-view allows me to become more familiar and comfortable with the gear enabling me to use the camera more effectively when I have it in my hands.

The Pentax K-3 Mark III has an extensive feature set that continues to impress and produce.

Learning about these features for the first time, or even re-discovering their place in the menu dive, can spur excitement and lights the fire of creativity and the desire to go out and shoot! The PentaxTips video below extensively covers the Pentax K-3 Mark III features, buttons, and menu layouts:

Additional K-3 Mark III videos

Using vintage lenses with the K-3 Mark III:

Connecting to iOS with Image Sync:

See the K-3 Mark III in action:

Want to see more PentaxTips? Check out the previous video on the Astrotracer function or the K-70 overview training.




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