Pentax Lens Lineup: Latest Roadmap & 2021 Changes

PentaxTips takes a look at current and planned Pentax K-Mount lenses

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Mar 23, 2022
Pentax Lens Lineup: Latest Roadmap & 2021 Changes

A camera lens lineup catelouges a brand's lenses in current production and that are available for purchase brand-new, while a roadmap displays what lenses a company are working on and what may come available in the future. 

These charts allow a photographer to easily see what focal ranges are available and what they can purchase to fill any gaps in their current focal length availability.

It can also be very exciting to see new lenses appear on the roadmap and anticipate their arrival!

Ricoh occasionally updates its Pentax K-Mount lineup and roadmap and these PentaxTips videos below provide a high-level overview of the entire current lineup and a follow up video after an update in October 2021.

General Overview of Lineup & Roadmap

Updates: October 2021

Notable Lens Additions

The Pentax DA* 16-50 f/2.8 PLM; see our review here.

The Pentax D FA 21mm f/2.4 Limited; see our review here

Notable Lens Departures

The DA 560mm f/5.6 has unfortunately been removed from the lineup, but it appears like it can still be ordered new in a few places, such as Adorama. It will be interesting to see what might be replacing this lens in the future!

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