Pentax K1000 Overview Video

Thorough overview video to help introduce new users to the Pentax K-1000

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Oct 6, 2022
Pentax K1000 Overview Video

The Pentax K1000 is one of the most successful cameras in all film camera history, having one of the longest production runs of any camera (1976-1997). This camera was quite affordable, and was widely mass-produced. Despite those facts, the K1000 is a very well-built and an incredibly solid unit, with many copies still operating as expected on the second-hand market.

Because of the ready availability and basic features of the K1000, many beginner film photographers will start with the K1000. This PentaxTips video will help orientate new users of the K1000 and encourages other to start in the world of film photography!

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Hope you enjoy!

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