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By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on May 10, 2012

Late last year, we kicked off an exciting giveaway for which our members submitted some fantastic photo articles!  The finalists have been hand-picked by a panel of our judges, and over the course of the past month, we've been publishing a few each week.  Now, with all the articles posted, it's time to determine who will be the winner of over $1000 in prizes, sponsored by B&H photo!

Rather than judging these entries, we will now open the floor up to you, our members!  The top 8 articles will win the following prizes:

  • Grand prize: $500-$1000 worth of gear at B&H
  • 2nd place: $150 B&H gift card
  • 3rd place: $100 B&H gift card
  • 4th place (5 winners): $50 B&H gift card

Please vote in this poll for the articles you think should win.  The winners will be ranked based on the number of votes.  In addition, one extra vote percentage point will be given to each article for every 1000 views, divided by the number of pages in that article.  So, for instance, if a 5-page article with 10,000 views would get 2% more votes (relative to the total number of votes).

Voting will run through the end of May, and we will announce the winners on June 1st! To help you out, we're providing an overview of the 15 articles. Read on for links to all 15!

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The top 15 articles in alphabetic order:

A Photographer's Guide
to Perspective Distortion
There are many places on the Internet that try to explain perspective distortion. Most of these sites are technically accurate but not all that helpful in understanding how or why to use perpendicular distortion. This article takes a fresh down-to-earth view on distortion.
Do It Yourself Tripod Mount:
How to build a tripod mount for telephoto lenses
In this article we will show how to build a tripod mount for telephoto camera lenses without a factory-installed mount.
In-Camera Time
and its Importance
Most people will not care about the accuracy of the clock in their camera.  But for those of us who shoot with multiple cameras, or wish to sync our images with a GPS log, the issue is a lot more important.  For some, it will be enough just to get two cameras to agree on the time.  For others, having the accurate time recorded in each photograph may be essential (GPS log sync).
Making the Most of
Long Exposure Handhelds
We explore the four fundamentals of marksmanship and how they apply to improving one's photographic technique.
Martini splash down Martini Splashdown:
How I made the shot
To create a photograph like this one you must master not only high speed photography but also light and color! Read on for all the tips!
Old School Ideas
for Digital Photography
I started taking photos during the 35mm film age so I consider myself old school.  I embraced the digital  age head on with the purchase of a K10D over four years ago and have never looked back to the good old days of film. However, there are quite a few old school ideas that transform well into the digital era.
Picture Effects
Without Computers
This article offers a list of some of the most common but useful and artistic effects you can do with just your camera, any DSLR, and no computers! Read on if you'd rather use your camera than spend time with post-processing software!
GIMP Post-Processing Guide
Using GIMP
After going through a few thousand photos from a holiday trip, I developed a post-processing workflow that makes this activity less frustrating using GIMP!
Sea Sea&Sea Underwater Case
Do-It-Yourself for Pentax

In this article we will learn how you adapt an underwater case to a Pentax DSLR, such as the K200D. This is much more secure that just using a plastic bag!

Shooting a Starscape:
A quick how-to

So you want to get a shot of the night sky to show stars, meteors, and/or the Milky Way?

It's not that hard but you will need a few basic items. This article will tell you what you need and how to use it.

Star Trail Photography:
An Introduction
We have a fun option available to us to shoot the heavens, and it doesn't require much beyond what you probably already have in your general photography kit. This article shows you how to easily shoot star trails.
The Perfect Zebra Photo
in 3 Easy Steps
A thought-provoking article about seeing and taking photographs of what you see.
Time Lapse Guide
for Beginners
This guide will help anyone with a Pentax SLR make his own high quality time lapse videos. A time lapse video is a sequence of photos which shows some event over time and which has been combined into a video. It sounds simple but there is a bit more to it than meets the eye at first!
Using Linux for Photography:
Where do we stand?
Where is Linux today as a platform for image processing? The Unix / Linux philosophy is to write programs that do one thing only and do it well at the cost of lesser integration. How well does it work?
What to Pack When You Backpack
w/ Minimal Weight
For me photography has lead to a love for the outdoors, and the outdoors has increased my love for photography. Sure, i could hit the trails sans camera, documenting the trip with mental snapshots recorded on my internal memory, but being able to interact with my surroundings through a lens is what makes being outdoors special.

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