The Pentax Cross-format Lens and Accessory Guide

Detailed ebook on adapting medium format, 35mm film, and digital lenses

By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Sep 6, 2023

Over the years, Pentax has supported—and continues to support—a variety of lens & camera formats.  Despite excellent backwards-compatibility and adaptability, the range of possible combinations and supporting accessories can make adapting confusing.

Today, we are happy to share forum member Murray O'Neill's comprehensive guide to using Pentax lenses across different formats.  This free 43-page PDF eBook covers everything from tiny microscope lens adapters to using super telephoto 6x7 lenses on modern DSLR cameras.  It supplements Murray's existing and equally detailed eBooks on Pentax bellows and macro & close-up accessories. Enjoy!

Download the Pentax Cross-format Lens & Accessory Compatibility Guide

See also our interactive lens compatibility checker a Pentax DSLR eBooks, which can help you master your camera, too!

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