Pentax KF Overview Video

Extensive overview videos to help introduce new users to the Pentax KF

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Aug 3, 2023

Camera overview videos are helpful guides that can help inform users new to a given camera. The incredible amount of features available in Pentax cameras can also surprise the most seasoned photographers. Learning these features for the first time, or even re-discovering their place in the menu dive, can spur excitement and creates ambition to go out and shoot! 

The PentaxTips video below extensively covers the Pentax KF features, buttons, and menu layouts:

Want to see more PentaxTips? Click here for a K-1 Mark II overview, or here for a K-3 Mark III overview!

Or, to learn more about the KF, visit our Pentax K-70 review, which remains accurate except for some new firmware-based functionality added to the KP.  An addendum to the review is planned for the new future.

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