Pentax MX Overview Video

Thorough overview video to help introduce new users to the Pentax MX

By FozzFoster in Articles and Tips on Nov 7, 2023
Pentax MX Overview Video

The Pentax MX is one of the most notable cameras in history by having the largest pentaprism viewfinder (0.97x, 95%) of any Pentax 35mm film camera ever produced. This professional-grade workhorse camera was released in the mid-1970s and had a completely manual design in a world where automatic cameras were a thing but still in their infancy.

The MX was released with multiple compact lenses and an impressive accessories catalog. Since the camera is fully manual and fully mechanical, there are many MX cameras available on the second-hand market. Thus, this impressive camera comes highly recommended and is often sought after by the 35mm film enthusiast!

This PentaxTips video will help orientate new users of the MX and encourages other to start in the world of film photography!

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Hope you enjoy!

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