Comprehensive Pentax P-TTL Flash Guide Updated

Second edition downlodable PDF by Nigel McGregor

By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Oct 29, 2015
Comprehensive Pentax P-TTL Flash Guide Updated

Flash photography is an extremely broad topic that can be difficult to master, especially with the growing number of features offered by modern flash systems.  Today we hope to make things a little easier for you with an updated version of Nigel McGregor's comprehensive guide to Pentax flashes.  The guide, which was written to support and encourage confidence and ease of use when taking flash photographs with Pentax cameras, has been expanded and improved as a result of a great deal of feedback from the community.

Download the Pentax Flash Guide 2nd Edition (PDF, 30Mb)

Download the Supplement to the 2nd Edition, July 2017 (PDF, 6.6 Mb)

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In the guide, you will learn about every aspect of flash operation as implemented within the Pentax proprietary digital camera system. This includes the camera modes and camera custom settings, flash modes and accessory flashgun features, practical flash photography steps and special flash operations such as High Speed Sync and Wireless (off-camera) flash. Also covered are the variations to flashgun functioning caused by different lens types (i.e. DA and older autofocus types, A series types, M & K series types). 

The following changes have been made in the second edition:

  • Improved information surrounding P-TTL functioning with differing lens types
  • Expanded feature listings for Dedicated System flashes and Radio Triggered alternatives
  • Addition of X-Sync Mode within the Camera Exposure Modes section
  • New images of the AF-540FGZ II WR Flash, including control panel and displays
  • Expanded coverage of the new features with the AF 540FGZ II WR
  • Side by Side Coverage of the older & newer flagship Pentax Flashes
  • Expanded Wireless Operations section including new discussion on multi-flash exposure control using the Lighting Ratio Control and Flash Compensation options
  • New look and font plus Page Numbers added

We hope you enjoy the guide and as always, further feedback is welcome in the comments below!

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