The Pentax Bellows eBook

Comprehensive guide by Murray O'neill

By PF Staff in Articles and Tips on Oct 3, 2016
The Pentax Bellows eBook

Since the dawn of the SLR, Pentax has been one of the biggest producers of bellows units— extendable tubes that enable close focusing distances for extreme macro photography.  Pentax even went as far as offering a fixed focus 100mm lens specifically designed for bellows use.

Today, we are happy to share forum member Murray O'Neill's comprehensive guide to the Pentax bellows system.  This free 125-page PDF eBook covers everything you need to know about bellows!

For the author, this was a 2 ½ year project written for the benefit of the macro photography community as well as Pentax equipment collectors and enthusiasts, in part due to the lack of existing reference material on the matter.  Enjoy!

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