$150 in PentaxForums Monthly Photo Contest Prizes!

thanks to a generous sponsorship by B&H Photo Video

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on May 9, 2012
We are very happy to announce that starting this month, B&H Photo, the largest Pentax retailer in the US, will be sponsoring our official monthly photo contests!

B&H will be offering our members the following prizes each month, starting with our May photo contest:
In addition, Red River Paper will provide a third-place prize:
  • Third-place: a pack of 50 sheets of premium photo paper.

The winning entries will also be featured in our premier gallery and on the homepage.

Remember that whenever you shop at B&H through PentaxForums.com, you may be eligible for free site supporter status and Marketplace access!  Thank our sponsor for their generosity by making your next Pentax purchase at B&H!  Details here.

Pentax eBooks

About our Photo Contests

Since the launch of the site, we've been hosting an official photo contest with a different theme each month.  On the first day of the month, the theme for that month's contest is announced, and voting for the previous month's winners starts.  Three weeks later, the winners are announced and featured on the homepage and in our premier gallery, and prizes are sent out. Voting is carried out entirely by our members- there is no judging involved in our official contests.  Furthermore, in order to maintain fairness, the poll results are hidden until the end, and no social networks are used to record votes.

The current contest theme is "Night Scene".  If you have a photo that you think fits the theme well, or are planning on going out on a shoot, we highly encourage you to submit a photo for a chance to win one of the prizes!

Night Scene Photo Contest

International members are welcome to enter- we'll ship your prizes to you even if you're outside the US!

Thanks for the sponsorship, B&H!




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