Single in September

One photo per day with a single lens for a month

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Aug 23, 2010
Single in September

Forum member stillshunter has recently proposed a very interesting photo challenge, in which participants will take one photo per day for a month using only one lens. 

The photos will then be uploaded to individual albums here on the forum, each of which should be named 'Single in September' for easy searching.  Here is the current listing of participants, as well as their photos.

All forum members are invited to participate in this event- please check out the details in the dedicated thread in our mini-challenges forum.

Our forum album system allows all members to upload their photos for free.  Currently, registered members may upload up to 40 photos to their albums, and up to 50 photos in the user photo gallery.  If you would like additional space, simply donate to be able to upload up to 10,000 photos!

We hope you enjoy this event, and look forward to your participation!

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