January 2022 "Best of 2021" Photo Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of our monthly contest

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Feb 22, 2022

"I can see what's in your soul..." by Weevil

It is our pleasure to announce the winners of our January, 2022 "Best of 2021" photo contest! In first place was forum member Weevil from Canada who captured "I can see what's in your soul..." (pictured above). This photo was shot with a Pentax K-1 and an Sigma 500mm F4.5 EX DG APO lens.

Our runners-up were forum member vijaykishan from Germany in second place with "Idyllic village in the heart of Italian Dolomites" and snudel from Germany in third place with "Versuchs mal mit Gemütlichkeit". Click on either thumbnail for a larger version.

"Idyllic village in the heart of Italian Dolomites" by vijaykishan "Versuchs mal mit Gemütlichkeit" by snudel

We'd like to congratulate the winners and also thank everyone who participated or voted! Also, be sure not to miss our current photo contest, "Water". Read all about it here.




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