May, 2013 Photo Contest: "Food"

With $150 in gift cards and more!

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on May 3, 2013
May, 2013 Photo Contest: "Food"

The theme for the official photo contest for May, 2013 will be "Food". We encourage you to be creative, the possibilities within these theme are nearly endless!

Submit your photo here for a chance to win B&H gift card prizes and more!  Like for all previous contents, you may only submit a single photo, and it must be within the size & dimension limits stated in the contest announcement.  And while we do allow non-Pentax photos on the forum, only photos taken with Pentax cameras will be eligible to participate in this contest. Good luck! 

If you have trouble entering or need help, please read the contest announcement above, and then ask your question in the our site help forum.

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