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Users nominate finalists who are then voted upon directly

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Jul 6, 2014

We've been hosting official site photo contests every month since September, 2006, when was founded.  In 2012, we started offering prizes to the top 3 winners each month, and since then, the number of photo submissions skyrocketed.

In the past, we would set up a poll at the end of each contest in which members could vote for their favorites from among all the photos.  However, with the number of submissions recently numbering several hundred each month, this format made it difficult for voters to view (let alone appreciate) all the photos.

Therefore, we will be switching to a new procedure for selecting our monthly photo contest winners, starting with the June "Hot and Cold" photo contest that just ended.

After each contest closes to submissions, all submissions will become visible to the public.  For the next two weeks (the first two weeks of each month), members will then nominate finalists from the previous month's contest by commenting on their favorite submissions.  We've set up a special gallery page which will make it much easier to browse all the submissions.  To ensure fairness, photos on this page are displayed in a random order:

Click here to nominate finalists for our June photo contest

Once nominations close, the top 10-20 photos (depending on the number of total submissions) will be named finalists.  At that point, we will set up a poll in which you can vote for the overall winner, as we've done in the past.  The finalist poll will only be open for one week, which means that winners will be announced at the end of the third week of each month, as they were with the old voting format.

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In order to discourage cheating and "popularity contests", we will only count nominations given by users who registered prior to the start of each contest.  In addition, nominations from established members will carry more weight than those from new accounts.  Self-nominations will not be allowed.

We hope that this new selection process makes contests more fair and more engaging while also encouraging submissions to better match the theme each month. 

The nomination page is linked to from the top of our contest voting forum.  We invite you to browse the nomination page at the beginning of each month to enjoy the many wonderful photos that our members submit!

Click here to nominate finalists for our June photo contest

We'd like to wish good luck to everyone who entered!

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