November Photo Contest: Sports

Enter in this month's contest, and vote for our October winners!

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Nov 2, 2012

We've just announced the theme for our penultimate official photo contest of this year: it will be "Sports".  For more details on the contest, please visit the contest announcement, or click here to enter if you're familiar with the rules and uploading process.

As usual the winners of this contest will be receiving $150 in gift cards from B&H photo and free photo paper from Red River Paper.

Due to recently-increased attachment quotas, the maximum dimensions for contest submissions will henceforth be 1280px (width) x 1024px (height), up from 1024px on both sides.  The minimum resolution is still 300px x 300px.

The poll for last month's "The Outdoors" photo contest has also just been posted, so don't forget to vote for the winners!

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