October Photo Contest: "The Outdoors"

Let see those Pentax outdoor cameras in action!

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Oct 2, 2012

Now that a week has passed since the end of Photokina, we've finished posting about news from the Pentax Ricoh booth and can go back to business as usual.  And that means that it's time for a new official photo contest theme for October!

The theme for our October photo contest will be one that will let you take advantage of the full potential of the weather sealing of your Pentax gear: "The Outdoors".

As usual, B&H gift card prizes will be awarded to our top two entrants, and third place will receive photo paper from Red River Paper.

Submit your photo | How to enter | Full contest announcement

Good luck, and stay tuned for the announcement of our August winners and the voting thread for our September "Forests" submissions!




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