Photo Challenge Roundup - 2/11

By K David in Photo Contests on Feb 11, 2015
Photo Challenge Roundup - 2/11

Much of the U.S. is trapped inside thanks to a series of heavy storms. Europe, too, has seen snow, cold, and heavy cloud cover this week. About the only place around with good weather this week has been Australia. So whether you're stuck inside editing your photos or out enjoying a lull in the summer heath, this is a great time to post and share in the Pentax Forums contest threads!

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New Format Next Week

Next week's installment of the Roundup series will see a new format. We'll look at fewer Pentax Forums items and start looking outside ourselves at industry news, photographic resources, and we'll feature an online photo journal. The new format aims to provide users with a resource of greater value to the photographic industry as a whole. Stay tuned!

1. Official Photo Contest for February

The February contest theme is Moonscapes. A number of you have already submitted your best moonscapes, but there's always room for more entries. You should definitely enter and can do so at the official contest forum.

Exclusive moonscape by forum member mattb123

2. Weekly Challenge #313 Entrants and Winners

Weekly Challenge 313's theme was Tension. The entrants had a lot of interesting and clever takes on the theme. However, Oculus took the week with their photo Money Orders.

3. Pictures of the Week

POTW #348 started off well with some bird and otter shots from user Paleo Pete. Papa Lazarou submitted a great portrait taken with his 31mm FA Limited. POTW is a great resource for learning skills from other talented forum members.

Portrait by Papa Lazarou

4. Project 52-7-04 Black and White

Congratulations to Hydrophobic who won Project 52-7-04. Here's their photo of spilled milk.

Spilled Milk Image by Hydrophobic

You can find all the entries here.

You can find the winning entries here.

5. Photo Critiques

Have you ever wondered if one of your photos is good, or if you just think that it's good? Maybe you've looked at a photo and realized that it needs something, but you can't quite figure out what it needs. Pentax Forums has an entire sub-forum dedicated to photographers helping photographers. Our Photo Critique Sub-forum allows users to share images and seek feedback. Our community is fortunate to have myriad skilled, knowledgeable, and responsive photographers who are happy to provide unbiased and constructive feedback on your work with the goal of helping you improve shots.

6. Single in February Update

g026r's Lens for February

Have you checked out the Single in February thread at all? User g026r has set a serious challenge for themselves by using an old Industar 50mm f3.5 lens all month. These old, Russian-made M42 lenses could rightly be called INDUSTARial because they're built so tough. This combination should return some interesting and character-rich results!

Meanwhile, user Uncle Vanya has elected for the opposite end of the lens-quality spectrum with his Pentax-A* 85mm f1.4 selection this month. It will be interesting to see what kind of results each user delivers from their selected combination.

Uncle Vanya's lens for February

7. Post Your Photos Lightning Moon

Pentax Forums has a great section for photo sharing and posting your best work. A recent post by user ranmar850 shows some great composition, use of color, and dynamic range. On top of that, the shot is spectacular! If you've ever wanted to share your work, the Post Your Photos sub-forum is the ideal spot.

Lightning Moon by ranmar850

8. Post Processing Challenge #136

User j2photos hosted this week's post processing challenge. His photo, which needs very little work in and of itself, has received all manner of post variation from our participants. Ranging from high-garish HDR to moody black and white, picking this week's winner will be quite a challenge. Here's the original photo.

j2photos's Post Processing Challenge #136 Image

Correction: A previous version of this article incorrectly named the Post-processing Challenge host.

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