"Snow" Photo Contest Winners

Announcing the winners of the December, 2012 contest

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Feb 6, 2013


We're happy to announce the winners of our December, 2012 "Snow" photo contest! In first place was forum member Lorant, who captured the photo "Snowflake" (pictured above). This photo was shot with a Pentax K-5, a Sigma 105mm F2.8 lens and a Pentax AF 540 FGZ flash.

Our runners-up were forum members northcoastgreg on second place with "Sunrise at Crater Lake" and bizio on third place with "Snow". Click on any photo for a larger version!

Sunrise at Crater Lake Snow

We'd congratulate the winners one more time!

Want to help determine the winners of January's "Blue" photo contest? Vote for them here! Also, don't miss our February "Bokeh" photo contest, which features the same great prizes from B&H and Red River Paper!




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