Special Landscape Contest: Final Voting!

By PF Staff in Photo Contests on Dec 27, 2022

Our special landscape photo contest is now closed to new submissions, and we have recently announced the winner of the medium format section of the contest. Now, the time has come to determine who will win the grand prize lenses in the general / K-mount section of the contest!

Voting will close on January 9th.  Please cast your vote in the thread below:

Final Voting: Special Landscape Photo Contest

Because there were more than 100 submissions to the non-medium-format category, this poll was preceded by a nomination phase.  The top 100 most-commented photos advanced to the final poll, with an additional 18 photos included due to a tie.

If you'd still like to browse all of the contest submissions in a beautiful gallery view, you may do so here.

Best of luck to all those who have entered!




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