The Making of "Big Boy Heading to the Golden Spike"

How the winning photo of the "Cars, Trucks, Trains, Planes in Monochrome" contest was made

By bulloughphotography in Photo Contests on Nov 10, 2021

Big Boy Heading to the Golden Spike, USA

This image is of the Big Boy train heading through Echo Canyon, Utah. The train was part of the 150-year celebration of the driving of the Golden Spike, which commemorated completion of the transcontinental railway in the United States. It had rained all night and was humid and cold, perfect conditions for steam!

I had visited the location the prior week to select the best spot to photograph the train. Looking at the image now, I think my spot was just about perfect for that day.

In color, this image is my biggest selling print every. I'm amazed at how many framed prints I've sold. Just goes to show that people love trains.

The image was shot in jpeg using a Pentax K1, Pentax-F 70-210, at 1/2000 seconds and F8.

Adjustments were made to the color image in Lightroom as follows: Highlights -70, Shadows +100, Whites +48, Blacks -65, Vibrance +10, Clarity +30.

Conversion to black and white was also done in Lightroom, as follows: Selection Black and White, Exposure +0.60, Contrast -50, Highlights -50, Shadows +30, Whites +20, Blacks -60, Clarity +10.

Thanks to all who voted for my image!

- bulloughphotography

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