The Making of "Check Mate"

How the winning photo of the "Socializing" contest was made

By loris nerozzi in Photo Contests on Dec 28, 2022

"Check Mate"

Hello fellow Pentaxians,
I took this photo last November in Cannes at the French Riviera during a short vacation.  The walk along the sea side was very busy. The scene as you can see is outdoors and it wasn't easy to find the right moment to take some shots due to the many people coming and going.

Not much post processing was done. I simply inverted the image from left to right and cropped to get rid of the scooter wheel and increased the contrast a bit.

As you can see the photo is a "street" so it was purely occasional. I don't consider myself a technician, but rather an instinctive photographer, curios about the world around me.

The original image:

Camera: Pentax KP, lens: smc Pentax-DA 18-135 WR.
Exposure: F6.3, 1/800sec at ISO200. Exposure compensation: 0.7.

I would like to thank all the participants and all who voted for me and giving me the chance to win the November photo contest. Special thanks to all PentaxForums people working to give us the chance to express ourselves and share our images.

- Loris

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